The conference was held at the Auditorium and Congress Center “Victor Villegas” in Murcia from 25 to 27 October 2023.

SECA 2023 was held with the aim of providing an opportunity to reflect on the role of healthcare quality as a key factor in the transformation of the healthcare system towards more sustainable models. The theme of the 29th edition was “Quality of care, a pillar of sustainability”. The city of Murcia brought together members of the Spanish Society for Healthcare Quality, as well as managers, healthcare professionals and researchers focused on the exchange of experiences and the generation of new ideas to develop and implement innovative initiatives and solutions with a direct impact on the quality of healthcare and on the safety, effectiveness and efficiency of the healthcare system itself. Plenary sessions, round tables and technical sessions on different areas and topics related to healthcare, such as “Patient safety”, “Value-based medicine”, “Quality of care” and “Artificial Intelligence”, were organized over three days.

Biobistemak researchers have participated in several tables for the defence of oral communications on the different works carried out in the research projects in which it participate. Below, we detail the Biosistemak team members who have participated in the congress and the works presented:

The European project ADLIFE:

  • Table “Relationship with the patient” – Title: “Deployment in the ADLIFE project of the SHARE model to promote shared decision making in a patient-centered care” – Short oral communication made by Irati Erreguerena Redondo (Researcher and project manager).
  • Table “Information Systems” – Title: “Prediction and identification of risk factors for depression and anxiety using artificial intelligence algorithms” – Oral communication by Itxaso Alayo (Data Scientist).

– EIIMPROVE Learning Community:

  • Organization of the table “Experiences in the implementation of value-based medicine in inflammatory bowel disease. Technical session sponsored by CSL VIFOR. – Moderated by Ane Fullaondo Zabala (Scientific Director).

– VOICE Learning Community:

o Roundtable “Value-Based Care” – Oral communications by Borja García-Lorenzo.

  • Title: “Benchmarking for Value-Based Care: Comparing Breast Cancer Patients”
  • Title: “Disentangling the Value Equation:  A Step Forward in Value-Based Health Care”

– European Project JADECARE:

o Round table best papers thematic area “Quality management” – Title: “Implementation of integrated person-centered and digitally enabled care solutions – JADECARE – Long oral communication by Yhasmine Hamu Azcárate (Researcher and project manager).

– European Gatekeeper Project:

o Round table best papers in the thematic area “Patient Safety” – Title: “Exploring innovative applications to optimize and adapt the pharmacotherapy of complex chronic patients in the Basque Country” – Long oral communication by Irati Erreguerena Redondo (Researcher and project manager).

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