Many countries all over the world are interested in the ASSEHS White Paper – it has been downloaded hundreds of times in more than 28 countries in the first few weeks after being published. The knowledge that the European project ASSEHS has generated has been disseminated worldwide.


Activation of Stratification Strategies and Results of the interventions on frail patients of Healthcare Services (ASSEHS) European project is an international effort to bring together stratification related professionals from Health Services, Academia and Research centres to study current existing health risk stratification strategies and tools and the challenges to spread their use and the application on frail elderly patients.

The ASSEHS White Paper was published publicly on the ASSEHS website in June. This document aims to spread knowledge of risk stratification tools for the creation of policies, healthcare management and clinical practice. The White Paper describes in detail the good practices and lessons learnt in population risk stratification, and aims to give support to other regions and healthcare systems as they are gradually transformed and adopt new models that provide specific and proactive interventions according to patients’ needs.


The ASSEHS White Paper aims to be a reference document that helps to plan and increases the reliability of stratification tools, and which raises public and professional awareness of the use of stratification methods. A few weeks after it was published, the White Paper had already been downloaded hundreds of times in 28 countries, helping to spread the knowledge of the implementation of risk stratification methods worldwide. This means that the European project ASSEHS has managed to achieve its main goal – to spread and boost the use of population risk stratification tools.

The paper presents the main barriers that can be encountered when planning and deploying risk stratification tools in regional interventions, as well as the facilitators who could help to overcome these barriers, and specific implementation examples in four pilot regions that are taking part in the ASSEHS project: the Basque Country, Catalonia, Lombardy and Apulia. The main knowledge generated by the ASSEHS project, specifically in the four participating regions, is spread worldwide.