The 23rd edition was held from 22 to 24 May 2023 in Antwerp, Belgium.

The 23rd edition of the International Conference on Integrated Care in Europe, ICIC 23, is considered one of the most prestigious congresses in the field of health management, bringing together every year thousands of managers, health professionals, citizen researchers, patients and carers from all over the world involved in the design and delivery of integrated health and social care. The theme of the 23rd edition was “Care in action: how to work together, a participatory approach”, which promotes that the person, in this case, the patient, takes a more active role in the management of their health. Over the course of three days, projects and experiences were shared and nine major themes related to participation in the integrated care processes of health systems were debated, as well as methodologies and tools for giving the patient a voice.

Biosistemak (formerly Kronikgune) has made different oral communications, presented posters and organised a workshop related to the European projects in which it is currently participating. The following is a list of the works presented during the congress.

ADLIFE Project: coordinated by Biosistemak (formely Kronikgune)

  • Modality: oral presentation
  • Title: Digital Help to talk more about Death and Dying: incorporating advance care planning into integrated care management tools.
  • Description: The ADLIFE project (GA 875209) promotes the patient-centred approach through the measurement of health outcomes. The work presented has focused on a digital aid for professionals designed specifically for Advance Care Planning. This tool aims to support deliberation and implementation of shared decisions regarding future healthcare challenges when the patient is not able to make such decisions or when time is running against reflection due to the advanced stage of the patient’s disease.

ADLIFE also presented two posters:

– Poster 1: Implementation of the SHARE model in the ADLIFE project to boost shared decision-making with a patient-centred approach.

– Poster 2: Qualitative analysis of the key contextual factors for the deployment of the ADLIFE tool in the Basque Health Service.


JADECARE: coordinated by Biosistemak (formely Kronikgune)

  • Modality: Workshop
  • Title: How to ensure the sustainability of the transfer of good practices to heterogeneous contexts? Sharing the results of the JADECARE Joint Action.
  • Description: This workshop has focused on presenting the results of the JADECARE implementation process and exploring the key elements to support the sustainability of good practice transfer beyond the Joint Action. The JADECARE sustainability strategy has been presented, which sets out three key elements: policy environment, ownership of sustainability, and a culture of collaboration and consensus building. Two Next Adopters have presented the results of the implementation of their local good practices and their work to build sustainability of these Good Practices beyond JADECARE.


VOICE International Community

  • Modality: Oral Communication
  • Title: Health Outcomes of foundation medicine at a comparable value: experiences of the VOICE Community in breast and lung cancer.
  • Description: The first coordinated international experience on Value-Based Medicine providing health and economic outcomes for use in benchmarking has been shared. The benchmarking carried out in VOICE is the initial evidence that should allow healthcare centres to exchange best practices to improve their healthcare model through the eyes of the patient.


Modality: Poster. The two posters summarising the two interventions coordinated by Biosistemak (formerly Kronikgune) in the Basque Country will be displayed on the touch screens of the congress.

– Poster 1: Use Case 1 – Evaluation of a mobile health application to promote healthy ageing among the elderly.

– Poster 2: Use Case 7 – Exploring a web platform for the review of polypharmacy in complex chronic patients.