Research at Kronikgune is divided into six scientific research programmes covering different levels of intervention in chronicity, with some of these being divided into sub-programmes:

1. Population-based approach.
1.1. Epidemiology, inequalities and the impact of chronicity on health.
1.2. Stratification and modelling.
2. Prevention and promotion.
3. Patient autonomy.
4. Care continuum.
4.1. Organisational innovation.
4.2. Care assessment and quality.
4.3. Clinical management of chronicity.
5. Adapted interventions.
5.1. New technologies for treating chronic diseases.
5.2. Psycho-social interventions and treatments in chronicity.
5.3. Drug use.
5.4. Development of new products and technologies.
6. Investigation of health results.
6.1. Assessment of results.
6.2. Research methods and tools.