The Research Groups are the basic units for structuring research at the Kronikgune Institute. They are made up of the Institute’s own staff or those assigned to it, who, regardless of the institution or entity to which they belong, have scientific affinity and carry out their activities under the direction, supervision or parameters set by the Principal Investigator responsible for each group.

The groups are defined by a research topic and operate within a Research Area of the Kronikgune Institute.

Since 2019, five Research Groups from different Osakidetza organisations have joined the Kronikgune Institute. 

Research Group  Principal Investigator  Organization  
Chronic Disease Health Services Research Group José Mª Quintana López IHO Barrualde – Galdakao
Reuse of care practice data Eduardo Millán Health Care Directorate – Osakidetza General Directorate
Economic Evaluation of Chronic Diseases Javier Mar Medina IHO Alto Deba
Health Services Research Group Inigo Gorostiza IHO Bilbao Basurto
Valued-Based Healthcare Borja García Lorenzo Kronikgune Institute
Digital Health Dolores Verdoy Berastegui Kronikgune Institute
Implementation Ane Fullaondo Zabala Kronikgune Institute