FRAGICare: Platform for the management of frailty of people at home.

Call for tender for project: Hazitek 2020

Funding body: Department for Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment

PI: Ane Fullaondo

Funding awarded: €37,500

Description: Preventing frailty has become a public health priority at European, national and regional level. Multi-component physical exercise programmes, and particularly strength training, are the most effective interventions to prevent frailty, delay disability and other adverse events. To develop a personalised and intelligent health management platform that involves patients and their families in the management of their health, providing continuity of care through coordination between the social system (SAD) and the health system (primary and specialised care services). 

Objective: To design, develop and evaluate a technological platform for the management of frailty in people over 70 years of age who are users of the Home Help Service (SAD), which allows both detecting frail or pre-frail people and prescribing activities to achieve healthy lifestyles, as well as being able to monitor the performance of these activities. 

Study design: Quasi-experimental clinical study (non-randomised study, without control group, prospective, concurrent) in which 30 patients from the OSI Basurto who are SAD users and 16 SAD professionals will be recruited to evaluate the Frailty Management Model and the Technological System (platform and sensor system). The participants will be people aged 70 or over, classified as frail (according to the Get up and walk test) and in a stable situation (not exacerbated, not convalescing, not discharged from hospital). A technological system for the management of frailty in people over 70 years of age will be implemented, consisting of a platform and a portable solution for the implementation of the Timed Up and Go test (iTUG).


  • Platform to assist in the diagnosis and assessment of frailty in people at home.
  • The platform will allow the personalisation of the prescription of physical activity based on the condition of each patient, as well as the monitoring of the activity performed and the results obtained after the completion of the programme.
  • Create a new service that, through a technological system, will provide specific and coordinated care between the social and health systems, avoiding continuous decompensation and therefore improving quality of life.

Roles: Kronikgune is part of the RVCTI network and a subcontracted organisation in the project.