List of Consolidated Research Groups (Principal investigator and name of group)

  1. Berraondo Zabalegui, Iñaki; Research Action in Care Integration.
  2. Domingo Rico, Cristina; Key factors for the Implementation of Efficient Integrating and Integrated Models that Improve Health Outcomes.
  3. Egea Santaolalla, Carlos; Sleep and Chronicity (SOMNIKRON).
  4. Fernandez Ruanova, Begoña; eHEALTH / eCARE: New Technologies in Health and Social Services.
  5. Garate Echenique, Lucia; Nursing Care for Chronic Patients: Prevention of complications arising from hospital admission and promotion and evaluation of healthcare continuity lines.
  6. Gomez Fernandez, Mª Cruz; Pharmacological in Primary Healthcare.
  7. González Serrano, Fernando; Child-Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychology and Mental Health.
  8. Martin Lesende, Iñaki; Research Community for Improving Care Processes.
  9. Pijoan Zubizarreta, Jose Ignacio; Cruces Hospital Research and Methodological Support Unit Group.
  10. Rodriguez Sanchez, Jose Manuel; Lehenak.
  11. Saenz de Ormijana Hernandez, Amaia; End-of-Life Care: Professionals, Patients and Caregivers as a Driving Force for Progress towards Excellence.
  12. Uriarte Uriarte, Jose Juan; Evaluation of the Care Provided to the Population with Severe Mental Illness of a Chronic Nature.