List of Consolidated Research Group (Principal investigator and name of group)

  1. Aiarzaguena Sarriugarte, Jose Maria; Development of a Bio-Psycho-Social Model for Primary Healthcare.
  2. Asua Batarrita, José; Evaluation of Healthcare Technologies and Health Services.
  3. Aizpuru Barandiaran, Felipe; Variability in Clinical Practice.
  4. Capelastegui Saiz, Alberto; NEUMOKRONIK.
  5. Emparanza Knörr, Jose Ignacio; Clinical Epidemiology and MBE.
  6. Escobar Martinez, Antonio; Chronicity and Health Services Research Group.
  7. Esnaola Sukia, Santiago; Equity, Population Health and Chronicity Care.
  8. Galdiz Iturri, Juan Bautista; Application of New Technologies in the Management of Chronic Respiratory Patients.
  9. Gonzalez Torres, Miguel Angel; Chronic Mental Health Conditions. KRONIKPSIK.
  10. Gonzalez-Pinto Arrollaga, Ana María; PSIKRONIK.
  11. Grandes Odriozola, Gonzalo; Integration of Health Prevention and Promotion into Clinical Practice.
  12. Larrañaga Larrañaga, Nerea; Epidemiology of Chronic Diseases.
  13. Mar Medina, Javier; Evaluation of Programmes in Chronic Diseases Research Group..
  14. Nuño Solinis, Roberto; Population Health Management
  15. Quintana Lopez, Jose Maria; Galdakao Hospital Health Services and Chronic Diseases Research Group.
  16. Rajasekharan, Sabarinath; e-Health and Biomedical Applications.
  17. Rotaeche del Campo, Rafael; Knowledge Management and Clinical Decision-Making in Chronic Diseases.
  18. Valls Soler, Adolfo; Chronic Pulmonary (BPD) and Neurodevelopmental Alterations (CP…) Secondary to Prematurity.
  19. Vergara Mitxeltorena, Itziar; Active and Healthy Ageing.