Full name: InnovaTion in Health And Care for All

Call for tender for project: Interreg Europe Programme

Duration of the project: 60 months


Social networks:

Coordination of the project: Noord-Brabant province (The Netherlands)

Description: Exchange of experiences and good practices in smart innovation in health and care to promote the population’s active and healthy ageing. The project aims to encourage improvements in regional policies supporting the ecosystem (public authorities, industry, academia and society) in order to create knowledge and deploy innovative health and care solutions to benefit European citizens. 

Project aims:

  • Design a tool to evaluate regional policies and ecosystems in connection with the innovation cycle.
  • Create a framework strategy for the development and improvement of regional policies and programmes based on evidence and co-design methodologies.
  • Define nine regional action plans to facilitate the implementation of regional policy tools.

Targeted outcomes:

  • ITHACA tool to assess innovation and ecosystem-related policies.
  • Cross-regional learning.
  • Framework strategy for the development of policies, programmes and implementation methods. 
  • Nine action plans to improve regional policies.

Role of Kronikgune in the project: The beneficiary of the project in the Basque Country is BIOEF. Kronikgune is involved in the project as an interest group together with other Basque agents. They will all be able to take part in training actions to be scheduled throughout the project (Exchange of Experiences and Peer Evaluations – EEPEs-, Expert Task Forces –ETFs-) and define, jointly with BIOEF, the regional action plan to improve the policies related to the innovation cycle.

Role of Osakidetza in the project: Osakidetza and Kronikgune are both stakeholders in the project and carry out the same functions.

Participating organisations: Stakeholders

  • Department of Health, Basque Government
  • Osakidetza
  • Tecnalia
  • IK4
  • University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU)
  • University of Deusto
  • GAIA – Association of Electronics and Information Technology Industries of the Basque Country
  • Euskampus
  • Matia Institute
  • Kronikgune