The aim of this meeting is to make further progress in the use of ICT in integrated care as a solution to current challenges.


jornada-atención-integrada-tic-barcelona-kronikgune-carewellThe slogan of this V edition, which will be held at the Cosmo Caixa (Barcelona) on 12 and 13 November, is “ITC: the best solution today and for the healthcare of tomorrow”. The aim is to encourage all delegates to overcome the barriers currently encountered by users and professionals when moving between different care levels by way of the use and incorporation of ITC (Information and Communication Technologies).

Given its experience in this field, with two pilot projects related to integrated care at a European level, BSA, which is organising the meeting, will open a debate concerning the facilitators and inhibitors required to approach and overcome the challenges that arise in the future and how to do this using information technologies.

Similarly, the meeting hopes to identify those practices that can be used to overcome the current situation of fragmentation and learn from them, as well as to diagnose the “organisational bottlenecks” and analyse how technological tools can help to overcome them.

One of the panel discussions, which will be chaired by Francisco Lupiañes, will cover “Integrated care and its implementation on the ground. Practical cases based on European initiatives.” One of the presentations during this discussion will concern the European Carewell project, and specifically the intervention implemented in the Basque Country by Osakidetza and Kronikgune. The aim of this pilot study is to improve the care provided to complex chronic patients by promoting coordination between healthcare professionals and conducting monitoring and empowering patients in their disease.

These two days of intense discussion will centre the debate on integrated care as a solution to current challenges, and the use of ICT as an essential tool to overcome them.

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