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Kronikgune will head the SmartCare Committed Regions Board

19 May 2016|Kronikgune News|

On 21st April, the SmartCare project third-year review took place in Brussels, where Kronikgune presented all the activities carried out over the previous year by the 13 Committed Regions of this Board.   The aim of SmartCare is to define and drive the integration of health and socio-healthcare services to improve quality of life for chronic [...]

Carewell, finalist in the “Quality Innovation of the Year 2015”

23 December 2015|Kronikgune News|

On 27th January 2016, Tallinn (Estonia) will host the 9th innovation award ceremony, in which the European Carewell project, along with a further 5 finalist Basque entities will opt for the Innovation Awards of the Year in the six categories.     The “Quality Innovation of the Year” Competition was created in 2007 in Finland with [...]