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The NAOS Strategy 2016 Award has been given to the project Prescribe a Healthy Lifestyle (“Prescribe Vida Saludable” in Spanish”).

11 May 2017|Kronikgune News|

Prescribe a Healthy Lifestyle project The Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality has been giving the NAOS Strategy Awards (Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Prevention) since 2009. These awards recognise and identify programmes and projects that help to prevent obesity by promoting a healthy diet and/or physical activity. On 30 March 2017 [...]

Scotland and the Basque Country collaborate to transfer knowledge regarding Innovative Good Practices.

7 March 2017|Kronikgune News|

In December 2016 the European Commission awarded the Basque Country four stars as a “Reference Site”. This status is granted to Regions, Cities, Hospitals, Organisations or Health Services that implement a comprehensive and innovative approach to active and healthy ageing. Thus, the regions granted “Reference Site” status, commit to actively participate in the deployment and [...]

Kronikgune renewed its accreditation as Science/Technology Agency Integrated in the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network (RVCTI).

18 April 2016|Kronikgune News|

The Deputy Councillor for Technology, Innovation and Competitiveness published the decision whereby the Asociación Kronikgune is accredited as a Science/Technology Agent of the Basque Network in the category of Health R&D Organisation. The RVCTI was created on 29th April 1997, with the aim of developing a smart technology infrastructure, to network in a supplementary and [...]

Prominent presence of Kronikgune European projects at the 8th National Congress of Chronic Patient Healthcare

12 April 2016|Kronikgune News|

On 7th and 8th April 2016, Madrid (Palacio de Congresos) hosted the 8th National Congress of Chronic Patient Healthcare and the Third Active Patient National Conference, attended by a large number of professionals in the field.  This year the motto was “Making Progress with Results”, with the aim of applying the theory to healthcare practice, [...]

“Bidasoatik Mundura, Sasoi Erronka” programme highly successful in Bidasoa region schools

29 March 2016|Kronikgune News|

The “Bidasoatik Mundura, Sasoi Erronka” programme has been running since September 2015 in ten schools in Bidasoa with the aim of promoting healthy life habits amongst adolescents aged 12-14 through games and activities. Schools are a great place to promote healthy habits because it is possible to reach the population of compulsory school age. With [...]