The aim of this programme is to develop a better understanding of the implementation of strategies for health and prevention in chronic diseases and health actions focussing on primary, secondary and tertiary disease prevention. This includes individual and structural actions and healthcare models in community health.

Results: Gain a better understanding of the design of actions aimed at primary, secondary and tertiary prevention and health promotion.

List of european projects: 

List of Kronikgunes’ projects:

16. The effectiveness of transferring a primary diabetes prevention programme into routine primary care practice in Osakidetza.

23. An integrated strategy for promoting physical exercise in fragile elderly persons in the healthcare and municipal fields. The TIPI-TAPA programme.

28. Early care for overweight children.

29. The smoke-free Ezkerraldea-Enkarterri health region.

32. A study of the effectiveness of spirometry as a motivation tool for stopping smoking. A clinical trial.

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