The aim of this programme is to improve our understanding of the design and assessment of models that promote self-care and public participation in the management of chronicity, including patient responsibility, the active participation of patients and their carers in their own healthcare and in taking informed decisions shared by the professional, patient and carer and, finally, including social networks.

Result: An understanding derived from the evaluation and implementation of interventions and tools that allow self-management and help patients to take responsibility for their own condition. As such, the understanding generated by this programme could be incorporated into the daily clinical practice of healthcare professionals.

Relation of Kronikgunes’ projects:

14. Effectiveness of the Santa Marina multiple comorbidities unit: The social situation of our patients.

18. Impact of the “Active Patient” self-care educational programme on the metabolic control, cardiovascular risk and quality of life of patients with type 2 diabetes in primary care in the Basque Country: A randomised clinical trial with two years’ follow-up.

25. Oral anticoagulation. Self-control: A study of the factors that determine the possibility of applying self-analysis and self-control. The scope of full implementation in an Osakidetza region.

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