The Scientific Coordinator for the Healthcare Services and Chronic Diseases RETIC is Dr. José Mª Quintana from OSI Barrualde – Galdakao (Galdakao Hospital), whose group also included researchers from BioDonostia, the UPV-EHU and the University of Deusto. There is also a second group from Kronikgune (coordinated by Dr. Antonio Escobar, from the  OSI Bilbao – Basurto, Hospital de Basurto) that also includes researchers from Araba (Osakidetza, Álava University Hospital and Primary Care) and Guipúzcoa (Hospital de Alto Deba and Primary Care).

The MISSION of the Health Services and Chronic Diseases Research Network – REDISSEC is to develop excellence in the fields of research, development and innovation in order to provide solid and pertinent evidence concerning best policies, practices and organisational models with the aim of improving the results of the healthcare provided to chronic patients in Spain.

REDISSEC will conduct a global scientific programme in healthcare services research with the aim of:

  1. characterising the chronicity and care of chronic diseases by describing the phenomenon of chronicity, namely the burden of chronic diseases, satisfied and unsatisfied needs, the use of health services, equity in access to care and the budgetary impact of chronic diseases;
  2. evaluating how healthcare providers or healthcare organisations provide services to meet the needs of the population and patients in a timely, safe and efficient manner;
  3. studying the impact of interventions in chronic patients and their caregivers, paying particular attention to efficacy and efficiency;
  4. evaluating the impact of health policy strategies, with a specific focus on evaluating the need of the population, equity of access and efficiency of assignment;
  5. promoting innovation in healthcare services research by conducting methodological research and transfer tools aimed at improving study methodologies and medical care in chronic patients.

The network comprises the leading 14 groups from eight Spanish autonomous communities in healthcare services research.



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