• FULL NAME: MAnagement of mental health diSorders Through advancEd technology and seRvices – telehealth for the MIND.

  • CALL FOR TENDER: CIP-ICT Policy Support Programme 2013-7

  • TIME FRAME: 01/03/2014 al 28/02/2017

To develop and implement on-line cognitive behavioural therapy for patients with mild or moderate depression.

The project comprises two distinct work areas: (1) development of a technological solution taking into account the need to interact with the patient, integration into corporate IT systems and the therapeutic content; (2) integrated intervention with a population of 300 patients aged more than 18 years diagnosed with depression and recruited from primary care and mental health centres and hospitals.  

The main aim is to roll-out an on-line cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) programme as part of an integrated intervention and to identify and analyse the clinical and organisational barriers and success factors associated with this in various European regions.

Divided into work packages – project lasting 36 months.

  • 1: Project Management, Financial Co-ordination and Quality Assurance (month 1 – month 36).
  • 2: Dissemination and communication (month 1 – month 36).
  • 3: Pilot evaluation and Deployment Planning (month 1 – month 36).
  • 4:  Advisory Boards Management (month 3 – month 35).
  • 5: for treatment of depression – first wave (month 1 – month 36).
  • 6: Internet based guided cCBT for treatment of depression – second wave (month 9 – month 36).
  • 7: Video conference for Collaborative Care and treatment of depression (month 2 – month 36).
  • 8: Localisation of cCBT to new contexts (month 2 – month 9).
  • 9: Liaison with other relevant EU and non- EU initatives (month 1 – month 35)r.
  • Upscaling the ICT-based mental health care services (the services) in regions/countries where these have been already successfully piloted.
  • Triggering the uptake of the services in regions/countries new to ICT-based mental health care services.
  • Demonstrating the cost-effectiveness of the services, confirming that the clinical outcome obtained through the services is at least equivalent to that of traditional care and checking their usability.
  • Reducing the waiting lists for access to mental health care.
  • Improving equality of access to mental health care between patients living in urban and rural areas and compensate for the phenomenon of medical desertification.
  • Demonstrating that the results obtained in the regions and countries participating in MasterMind are representative of the variety of situations encountered in the European Union and in the Associated Countries and are therefore transferable to different healthcare organizations and cultural contexts.
  • Demonstrating that the services are safe for patients and do not increase the incidence of adverse events (e.g. suicide).
  • Rationalising the organization of mental health services.

It is launched the scientific protocol of the Project. If you want to download the paper, please clic here: mastermind-proyecto-investigacion-kronikgune-publicacion-protocolo-cientifico.

  • ROLE OF KRONIKGUNE: Leads work package 3 (WP3) concerning the planning of roll-out and evaluation. Also leads work package 8 (WP8) concerning adapting on-line CBT programmes to the local cultural context. The leadership of work packages also implies coordination of the partners involved, monitoring of the processes at a European level, communication with the project coordinators, drafting of reports and presentation to the European Commission. Kronikgune collaborates with Osakidetza in the process of implementing the intervention in the Basque Country, which implies participating in the definition of the action protocol, organising the necessary training, coordinating the technology teams that develop the CBT programme and monitoring the results. 
  • ROLE OF OSAKIDETZA: Leads work package 6 (WP6; Internet-based guided cCBT for treatment of depression – 2nd wave). The integrated intervention will be conducted in a population of 300 patients in the Basque Country and will commence in September 2015. Osakidetza and Kronikgune have reached an agreement with other project partners (Servicio Aragonés de la Salud, Badalona Serveis Assistencials and Conselleria de Sanidade de Galicia) to develop the therapeutic clinical content of the programme that will be hosted in the on-line application.
  • Coordination: Jon Txarramendieta Suárez; Ane Fullaondo Zabala; Olatz Albaina Bacaicoa (till May 2016); Lucia Prieto Remón (till January 2016); Irati Erreguerena Redondo; Joana Mora Amengual (till October 2015); Esteban de Manuel Keenoy. 
  • Principal: Andrea Gabilondo (IP); Adriana García Alocén; Ana Mª González Pinto; Begoña Gutiérrez Ruiz; Joaquín Ponte Velón; Ander Retolaza Balsategui. 
  • Evaluation: Jose Mª Quintana López; Pedro Guillermo Serrano Aguilar. 
  • OSI Araba
  • OSI Ezkerraldea-Enkarterri-Cruces
  • OSI Barrualde Galdakao
  • OSI Uribe
  • OSI Donostialdea
  • Bizkaia Mental Health Network
  • Gipuzkoa Mental Health Network
  • Araba Mental Health Network
  • Telehealth Center

Denmark, United Kingdom, Holland, Italy, Belgium, Norway, Germany, Turkey, Estonia, Greenland, Spain.