• FULL NAME: Future Internet Social and Technological Alignment Research

  • CALL FOR TENDER: FI.ICT-2011.1.8

  • TIME FRAME:  01 April 2013 to 01 October 2015

  • WEB SITE: www.fi-star.eu/

To create a robust framework based on the “software to data” paradigm that meets the needs of the health sector industry taking into account the requirement of personal data protection when using public cloud networks.

Seven applications, serving more than 4 million people, will be rolled-out and piloted in different European regions as part of the FI-STAR project. These interventions will allow the concept of a facilitator-based platform created as part of the FI-WARE project to be validated, offering a standardised and certified software to the community that includes a secure and solid platform which takes advantage of the benefits of cloud computing.

To create a standardised and certified software that includes a secure and solid platform which takes advantage of the benefits of cloud computing.

Divided into work packages – project lasting 30 months.

  • 1: Requirements.
  • 2: Cloud services provider.
  • 3: Cloud consumer services.
  • 4: Design and development of the application.
  • 5: Application testing – BETA phase.
  • 6: Application quality and validation.
  • 7: Creation of the community.
  • 8: Dissemination and communication.
  • To make full use of existing knowledge concerning the internet of the future and ensure the transfer of this knowledge.
  • To develop an efficient implementation framework to make the software-to-data paradigm a reality.
  • To design and instantiate the new generation of applications for the internet of the future.
  • To support, develop and promote standardisation, validation and compliance.
  • To launch and maintain the community by creating a sustainable ecosystem.
  • To build confidence and propose an environment that ensures the protection of sensitive data.
  • To achieve the self-sufficiency and sustainability of the project.
  • To define a results assessment programme.
  • ROLE OF KRONIKGUNE: Kronikgune is responsible for managing the project at a local level. In addition, together with Osakidetza, it is responsible for developing the on-line application and the contents that will be included in it for use by patients during the pilot phase.
  • ROLE OF OSAKIDETZA: Together with Kronikgune, Osakidetza is developing an on-line application for patients with bipolar disorder that will be rolled-out in the Osakidetza setting and will be piloted in 25 patients.
  • Coordination: Sara Ponce Márquez; Joana Mora Amengual (till October 2015); Esteban de Manuel Keenoy.
  • Principal: Ana Mª Gonzalez Pinto (IP); Ángel Faria; Itxaso Gonzalez; Josu Llano; Sonia Ruiz de Azua.
  • Collaboration: Karim Haidar; Susana Iglesias; Irantzu Lago; Purificación López; Leire Ortiz de Elguea; Yolanda PérezIñaki Zorrilla.
  • OSI Araba