• NAME: Scirocco Exchange

  • FULL NAME: Personalised Knowledge Transfer and Access to Tailored Evidence-Based Assets on Integrated Care: SCIROCCO Exchange

  • CALL FOR TENDER: 3rd EU Health Programme

  • TOPIC: PJ-01-2018 – Scaling up integrated care

  • PROJECT NO.: 826676

  • DURATION: January 1, 2019 to February 28, 2022


Scirocco Exchange aims to support health and social care authorities to adopt and scale up integrated care.

The project will work to improve access to evidence and tools (active), and to increase regions’ understanding of integrated care implementation. Similarly, it will promote personalised knowledge transfer and planning for improvements in integrated care.

A “Knowledge Management Hub (KMH)” will be created as part of the project.

This tool will connect existing integrated care assets with the specific needs of the participating regions.

  • To facilitate the evaluation of the maturity of the local environment of each region and preparations to adopt and scale up integrated care.
  • To better understand the needs and priorities of national and regional health authorities in the field of integrated care.
  • To develop a “Knowledge Management Hub” that stores existing assets connected with integrated care, facilitates personalised access and fosters transfer of knowledge, adapting to the needs of European regions.
  • To co-design personalised care in European regions seeking support for the transition and scaling-up of integrated care, with the aim of improving the design of their current systems. To use activities of knowledge transfer and capacity creation in order to co-design improvement plans to implement integrated care adapted to the local context, maturity and aspirations of European regions.
  • To explore the possible expansion of the “Scirocco tool” for the self-assessment of integrated care in each region connected with active and healthy ageing, promotion of health, prevention and digital maturity for integrated care.

Divided into work packages – project lasting 32 months

  • 1: Project coordination (Month 1 – Month 32)
  • 2: Dissemination and exploitation (Month 1 – Month 32)
  • 3: Evaluation (Month 1 – Month 32)
  • 4: Knowledge Management Hub (Month 2 – Month 6)
  • 5: Maturity Assessment for Integrated Care (Month 4 – Month 27)
  • 6: Capacity-Building Assets (Month 11 – Month 17)
  • 7: Improvement Plans (Month 17 – Moth 27)
  • 8: Scoping Expansion of SCIROCCO Tool (Month 6 – Month 32)
  • More knowledge of local priorities and needs in integrated care implementation and scaling-up.
  • Improve the ability to search for personalised assets for integrated care scaling-up.
  • Increase the ability of health authorities to adopt, implement and scale up integrated care.
  • Promote informed decision-making regarding the design, implementation and scaling-up of integrated care.
  • Encourage the use of NCG SCIROCCO Exchange in the process to adopt, implement and scale up solutions for active and healthy ageing.

Kronikgune leads the work package on identifying existing assets to implement integrated care into healthcare systems. This work package has three main objectives:

  1. Map assets
  2. Facilitate their integration into the connection hub
  3. Enable the personalisation of assets required by each region

Osakidetza will conduct research to find out how to transfer knowledge in a personalised way, and will carry out self-assessment of the region’s integrated care using the “SCIROCCO tool”.

  • Coordinator: Jon Txarramendieta Suárez; Irati Erreguerena Redondo; Ane Fullaondo Zabala; Esteban de Manuel Keenoy.
  • Participants: Igor Zabala Rementería; Rosa María González; David Cantero
  • Collaborators: Mayte Bacigalupe; José Antonio de la Rica; Miren Elicegui; Aránzazu Gonzalo; Ángel Irastorza; Eva Lamiquiz; Koldo Piñera; Iraide Sarduy; Jaime Ruiz de Eguino; Sonsoles San Martín García; Javier Zubizarreta.