• FULL NAME: Implementation of Good Practices for Chronic Diseases.

  • CALL FOR TENDER: HP-JA-2016: Joint Action on Chronic diseases

  • PROJECT No.: 761307

  • WEBSITE: www.chrodis.eu


  • DURATION: September 1, 2017 to December 31, 2020

CHRODIS-PLUS is a Joint Action that aims to support EU Member States through cross-national implementation of policies and practices identified in the JA-CHRODIS, to reduce the burden of chronic diseases, while ensuring the sustainability and response capacity of healthcare systems.

This initiative is promoted by 42 organisations and institutions from 18 European member states joined by Norway, Serbia and Iceland.

The project aims to boost the transfer of good practices which are proven to be effective in a European region to other neighbouring regions.

Between 2017 and 2020, 14 national policies and 2 European policies will be analysed to raise the awareness of decision makers about improving healthcare systems to address chronic diseases. Furthermore, a total of 22 innovative interventions based on a series of policies, strategies and experiences identified in the JA-CHRODIS or national plans will be implemented, built on the following cornerstones:

  • Health promotion and primary prevention
  • Integrated care models for complex chronic patients
  • Improvement of the quality of care for people with chronic diseases
  • Empowerment based on Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Employment and chronic diseases
  1. To support Member States in the implementation of innovative policies and practices to alleviate the burden of chronic diseases and multimorbidity.
  2. To prove the added value of European cooperation in the cross-national implementation of innovative practices to promote health, disease prevention and care for chronic diseases, focusing especially on intersectoral activities.
  3. Develop political tools and recommendations to improve the relationship between chronic diseases and employment.

The work to be done in the 36-month project is divided into work packages:

  • 1: Project coordination (Month 1 – Month 36)
  • 2: Dissemination (Month 1 – Month 36)
  • 3: Evaluation (Month 1 – Month 36)
  • 4: Incorporation into national policies and sustainability (Month 1 – Month 36)
  • 5: Health promotion and disease prevention (Month 1 – Month 36)
  • 6: Integrated care model for multimorbidity pilot studies (Month 1 – Month 36)
  • 7: Promotion of quality in care for people with chronic diseases (Month 1 – Month 36)
  • 8: Employment and chronic diseases: health across all sectors (Month 1 – Month 36)

There are two kinds of results that are hoped to be obtained from this Joint Action:

Results concerning health problems

The aim is to get cross-national information from a sample of valid, transferable interventions that can be implemented over a relatively short period of time. Activities that help to delay the onset of chronic diseases or complications will be prioritised, with the aim of extending and improving patients’ quality of life.

Results concerning healthcare systems

It will improve the participation of healthcare suppliers regarding healthcare promotion and prevention of diseases, to boost the equality and efficiency of the systems.

It is the responsible for the design of a common strategy to implement all of the 22 interventions. To do so, it is the lead of developing a series of methods and techniques facilitating the adoption, implementation and sustainability of actions that will be used. Moreover, they will participate in identifying stratification strategies and tools in different countries.

  • Coordination: Jon Txarramiendieta Suarez; Ane Fullaondo Zabala; Esteban de Manuel Keenoy.
  • Participants: Igor Zabala Rementeria