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European Projects and Initiatives2020-04-02T17:15:12+00:00

Kronikgune participates in projects funded by different programmes and calls for tender from the European Commission. In accordance with Kronikgune’s scientific plan, projects are organised into the following sections:

POPULATION-BASED APPROACH:  includes projects that study the determining factors involved in chronicity, stratification models and analysis of the complexity and co-morbidity levels of the population.

PREVENTION AND PROMOTION: includes projects related to strategies for promoting health and prevention in chronic diseases and health actions focussing on primary, secondary and tertiary disease prevention.

CARE CONTINUUM: includes projects related to personalised care, care management for high-risk patients, integrated care for chronic patients and multidisciplinary collaborative programmes.

ADAPTED INTERVENTIONS: includes patient-based projects that select and adapt the optimal healthcare intervention for the chronic patient in each situation, including the replacement of in-person interventions with remote or automatic interventions.

 includes projects focussing on the adaptation of traditional epidemiological tools to the study of chronic diseases and the development of new tools, their application for evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of new interventions, technologies and services.

COLLABORATIVE NETWORKS: includes projects based on the creation of collaborative networks for promoting innovation in active and healthy ageing.