This training was developed within the European project ASSEHS in response to one of the areas of improvement detected in the Basque Country. Its purpose is to improve the knowledge of the professionals of Osakidetza on risk stratification and its use in healthcare.

ASSEHS is a European project whose aim is to activate stratification tools and evaluate the results of their implementation in different European health services.

Within the framework of the ASSEHS project, in order to define the barriers and facilitators for the implementation of population risk stratification, discussion groups were formed and semi-structured interviews were conducted with key informants, such as healthcare professionals and healthcare managers.

In the Basque Country, one of the barriers found was the level of knowledge that clinical professionals had about stratification and its practical use.

assehs-formacion-estratificacion-riesgo-osakidetza-proyecto-kronikguneSo, in order to introduce and clarify basic concepts on risk stratification among healthcare professionals, an online training course was designed, titled “Risk Stratification: A tool for better responding to the health needs of the people and the population”, through the pilot platform Jakinsarea from Osakidetza. A total of 106 medical and nursing professionals, in primary care as well as hospital care from various Osakidetza Integrated Healthcare Organisations, attended the training.

It is noteworthy that a questionnaire from the training platform enabled knowing about how much the risk stratification tool is used by the professionals who took the training, as well as their perception of the usefulness and coincidence with clinical judgement. The online training proved to be a useful, flexible means for collecting relevant information such as the professionals’ perception, and helpful in evaluating and monitoring interventions, tools and programmes, thus enabling their improvement.

Although the project is already in its final stretch, the start of the second version of the risk stratification training is planned. It will include improvements based on feedback provided by the professionals and it will extend the participation to professionals from other healthcare organisations.

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