From 7 to 11 September, the new edition of the congress was held in two modalities, online and in person, in the room set up in the Miramar Palace in Donostia – San Sebastián with limited seating capacity.

The new edition of the congress “Digital Health: in times of Covid” organized by the UPV/EHU and Osakidetza Summer Courses, has been framed in a scenario marked by COVID-19. The central theme was digital transformation to provide better, safer and more efficient care for citizens in times of COVID-19. There was also a debate on how the healthcare crisis has forced a change in the paradigm of people’s care and positioned digital health as a necessity. Attendees stressed how important it is to work in the same direction in order to move towards improving the quality of care, patient experience and sustainability of the healthcare system. The congress was attended by researchers, companies, professionals and managers from healthcare organizations, patient associations and citizens, who provided a broader vision in order to learn more and establish new collaboration networks.  

Kronikgune has had the opportunity to present two European projects in which it is actively participating, ADLIFE and C3-Cloud.

ADLIFE project (, coordinated at European level by Kronikgune has started this 2020. The project aims to provide personalised and coordinated care for patients with advanced chronic diseases through personalized care plans. ADLIFE aims to develop an innovative solution that facilitates the personalisation of care plans, and improves adaptive and early responsiveness to patients’ changing needs and preferences. The study will use personalised digital solutions and support developed in the European H2020 projects C3-Cloud and Power2DM, which have been validated in real healthcare systems in different European countries, including Osakidetza. The study will be piloted in seven European health systems, including Osakidetza, and is expected to involve more than 500 healthcare professionals, 800 patients and 1,200 caregivers. 

Kronikgune also presented the pilot project carried out in the Basque Country as part of the European C3-Cloud project ( This innovative project proposes a model of integrated care and improved care for people with multiple chronic diseases through personalised care plans based on evidence and supported by ICT tools. The results obtained in the intervention and the interoperability achieved between the C3-Cloud systems and the Osakidetza information systems in terms of technical aspects (protocol for the exchange of information), structural (translation of formats), semantic (map of correlation between concepts and their codes), and privacy and security have been presented. The two platforms developed in the project have been demonstrated: the C3DP platform integrated in the patient’s electronic health record and managed by a multidisciplinary team, and the Patient Empowerment platform that facilitates the participation of the patient and their carers and is accessed from the Health Folder. The evaluation of the project demonstrates the potential of the C3-Cloud system and its ability to be a useful and powerful system to improve the care of multi-pathological patients.

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