The conference organised by the Spanish Health Economics Association (AES) has been held since January and will end next June.

Under the slogan “Reconciling immediacy and the future in health, social policies and economics”, the XL Health Economics Conference is a monthly meeting point for researchers, managers, professionals and, above all, health economists at national level. The aim of the conference is to discuss from different perspectives the effects not only in the short term but also in the long term of the current tensions on the health, economic and social system. To this end, a programme of six sessions and an open session have been organised with round tables and presentations on the following topics: the health, social and economic crisis; public policies; mental health; evaluation of artificial intelligence, financing of dependent people; and how to improve the quality of life of people over 80 years of age.

Kronikgune took part in the session “Evaluating artificial intelligence: is it appropriate to apply the traditional methodological approach to health technology assessment?” held on 29 April. The aim of this session was to address the importance that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained in all sectors, including healthcare. Under the title “Cost-effectiveness threshold seeks economic evaluation to support health financing decision-making“, the Kronikgune Health Economist presented the project in which he is participating, composed of a group of health economists associated with various institutions in Spain and Australia. This project seeks to explore the use of cost-effectiveness thresholds based on empirical evidence in recent health economic evaluations.  Kronikgune, promoter of the evaluative culture in health, actively participates in this analysis and search for the state of the art in order to find the empirical evidence base for health financing decisions.

Kronikgune has made a contribution related to the presentation of the conference on the AES website (26/05/2021): 

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