Kronikgune gives a seminar in the “Value-based, person-centred healthcare” programme organised by Deusto Bussiness School Health

The programme consists of seven seminars in online format related to Value Based Medicine.   

Deusto Business School Health has organised an “In Company” programme for Las Hermanas Hospitalarias entitled “Value-based, person-centred healthcare“. The programme is aimed at medical and care managers from all healthcare organisations nationwide. It aims to be a space for sharing views and knowledge on the new value-based healthcare (VBHC) model.  This new paradigm focuses on implementing measurement systems, organising care practice around clinical processes or conditions, and calculating costs per patient. The implementation of these three components requires a shift from a fragmented model, as is currently the case in many healthcare systems, which use activity-based and volume-based payment, to a value- and patient-centred model in a holistic and integrated manner.

Kronikgune is in charge of organising the seminar entitled “Collaborative and networked learning within VBHC“. The aim of the workshop is for attendees to understand the potential and benefits of having collaborative learning systems, to learn about the fundamental aspects of collaborative culture, and also to learn about the interrelationships of a learning network and its implication in Value Based Medicine. The session will focus on the importance of creating learning communities and benchmarking between participating organisations in the framework of implementing value-based care. In addition, concrete examples of national and international value-based care communities in which Kronikgune is currently involved, such as VOICE and EIIMPROVE, will be presented.

If you want to know more about value-based medicine, find out more about the work being done on the VOICE and EIIMPROVE project pages.