Lulea, in Sweden, was chosen to host the meeting for the consortium members.

The European project Scirocco, “SCaling IntegRated Care in COntext” aims to provide a validated and proven tool which facilitates the scaling-up and successful transfer of Good Practices, in Integrated Care among European regions. Since the onset, the nine partners taking part in the Consortium have been working on the “Scirocco Tool”, which will enable the multidimensional assessment of the maturity of regions for the implementation of Good Practices. The project is currently in its final stage having completed the first 23 months out of the total 32 months.

The new meeting held in Lulea, provided the regions involved in the project with a showcase to present the results obtained after the maturity self-assessment processes for the implementation of integrated care carried out using the tool. In addition, the next steps for fine-tuning, validation and testing of the tool were defined. Finally, progress in relation to the milestones defined for the project was also reviewed.

The Basque Country was represented by Kronikgune and Osakidetza, the former leading the analysis of the maturity requirements of a Good Practice; and the latter as a region involved in adopting and transferring knowledge of Good Practices among the regions. During the meeting, Kronikgune presented a review of the methodology used to analyse the maturity requirements of Good Practices. The “Scirocco Tool” testing was also shown to verify its viability through one of the Good Practices of Osakidetza: “An integrated approach to pain management” in Araba IHO.

The results shown for the Basque Country generated great interest among the consortium partners, who decided to use the methodology reviewed and proposed by Kronikgune to re-assess their Good Practices.

Kronikgune also wanted to share the assessment carried out by Osakidetza team of experts who are collaborating in the project. Their feedback regarding the tool is positive, as they appreciate its usefulness when it comes to improving negotiation and agents’ consensus regarding maturity assessment. Likewise, the team believes the results obtained are a realistic reflection of the current status of the Basque healthcare system.

Finally, prospective collaborations between Scirocco and other projects and initiatives funded by the European Union were also considered.

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