“Medicine and biosciences will make many new discoveries in the coming years. Many of these will save lives and will be fundamental for chronic patients. However, two other major fields will change healthcare with the same intensity as progress in biomedicine and will also save numerous lives and be fundamental for chronic patients. These are progress in information technologies and service organisation”.

(Preamble to the strategy for combatting chronicity in the Basque Country)

The areas of specialisation at Kronikgune will be:

  • The health, social and economic consequences of chronicity.
  • Models for identifying chronic patients, especially the more complex cases.
  • The design and interventional of personalized (patient-centred) interventions.
  • Integrated care systems.
  • e-Health and the use of technology in this field.

The research capacity of Kronikgune comprises 31 research groups with around 300 researchers from the Basque Healthcare Network. If you are interesting in knowing more about the projects developedin Kronikgune, clic in “Kronikgune Projects“.