NAME: C3-Cloud

FULL NAME: A Federated Collaborative Care Cure Cloud Architecture for Addressing the Needs of Multi-morbidity and Managing Poly-pharmacy

CALL FOR TENDER FOR PROJECT: Horizon 2020, PHC-25-2015 “Advanced ICT systems and services for integrated care”

PROJECT NO.: 689181

WEBSITE: http://c3-cloud.eu/


DESCRIPTION: The goal of the C3-Cloud project is to develop an ICT platform for creating an environment that integrates information and coordinaC3cloud-proyecto-europeo-kronikgunetes activities to support decision-making in the care and attention to multi-morbid patients and/or caregivers.

PROJECT AIMS: The main objectives established in the C3-Cloud project are:

  • Development of Personalised Care Plans for multi-morbid patients through systematic and semi-automatic reconciliation of evidence-based clinical guidelines.
  • Development of an innovative online platform for managing integrated personalised care plans for multi-morbid patients, managed by a multidisciplinary team.
  • Development of clinical decision support modules, clinical guidelines for the development of personalised care plans and execution of guideline reconciliation, risk stratification, poly-pharmacy management, establishment of goals and monitoring.
  • Development of a platform for empowering patients and/or caregivers.
  • Development of software that overcomes the challenges of technical, semantic and privacy/security interoperability for integrated care.
  • Demonstration of the applicability of C3Cloud in different environments; clinical, technological and organisational.
  • Development of new models of integrated care and organisational change management through the implementation and use of new ICT platforms.
  • Development and validation of an innovative large-scale impact modelling tool.

WORK METHODOLOGY: Divided into 10 work packages – project lasting 48 months

  • WP1: Project coordination (Month 1 – Month 48)
  • WP2: Dissemination, exploitation and exploitation-related activities (Month 1 – Month 48)
  • WP3: Design of the C3-Cloud system architecture (Month 1 – Month 48)
  • WP4: Development and change management of healthcare pathways and organisational models (Month 1 – Month 48)
  • WP5: Patient Empowerment Platform (Month 5 – Month 22)
  • WP6: Interoperability – Middleware (Month 6 – Month 18)
  • WP7: Coordinated Care and Cure Delivery Platform (Month 5 – Month 26)
  • WP8: Development and implementation of the pilot application (Month 1 – Month 45)
  • WP9: Impact evaluation and assessment (Month 1 – Month 48)
  • WP10: Ethical requirements (Month 1 – Month 48)


  • Generation of a new “C3-Cloud” approach and development of an ICT infrastructure as a solution for integrated care delivery from start to finish.
  • Development of interoperability solutions and decision-making support modules that facilitate integrated care in Europe.
  • Application and validation of the C3-Cloud strategy in 3 European regions with differences in the healthcare services and infrastructures available.
  • Development of healthcare pathways for multi-morbid patients and organisational models, based on qualitative and quantitative assessments after pilot applications.
  • Development of an innovative large-scale impact modelling tool for industrial exploitation.


  • ROLE OF KRONIKGUNE IN THE PROJECT: Kronikgune, besides being the leader of work package 8, “Development and implementation of the pilot application”, participates in the risk stratification, new integrated healthcare pathways, design of the pilot application and training the end user.
  • ROLE OF OSAKIDETZA IN THE PROJECT: Osakidetza is leader of work package 4, “Development and change management of healthcare pathways and organisational models”. It also has an important role in the clinical experience, the decision-making support modules and the pilot application.


  • Coordination: Lola Verdoy; Ane Fullaondo; Esteban de Manuel.
  • Core: Nicolas González (PI); Antonio de Blas; Estibaliz Gamboa Moreno; Mikel Ogueta; Rafael Rotaeche; Arritxu Etxeberria; Iñaki Saralegui; Marian Cidoncha, Garrastatxu Landaluze; Amaia Saenz de Ormijana; Igor Zabala and new participants pending confirmation.
  • Evaluation: Javier Mar


  • IHO Donostialdea
  • IHO Araba
  • IHO Bilbao – Basurto
  • IHO Ezkerraldea-Enkarterri Cruces
  • Sub-directorate of IT and Information Systems
  • Integrated Care and Chronicity Service (SIAC)
  • Multichannel Health Service between the Patient and the Health Service (Osarean)