Risk factors for adverse outcomes at two- to five-year follow-up in a prospective cohort of breast cancer patients. CAMISS II multicentre study.

Call for tender for project: Grants for health research and development projects 2019: Promotion of health research

Funding body: Department of Health, Basque Government

Record no.: 2019111042

PI: Nerea González

Funding awarded: €62,879

Description: The project aims to evaluate the process followed by breast cancer patients and the health services they make use of. Among other things, it seeks to develop predictive models that, incorporated into the new information and communication technologies, help health professionals and patients in shared decision-making related to the procedures or treatments used in this pathology. 

Objective: The main objectives of the project are:
1.- To identify, independently, in patients with breast cancer, the risk factors for the appearance, 6 years after the first treatment, of the following adverse events: a) death; b) recurrence; c) re-admission; complications.
To create predictive rules for each of the above events/outcome and validate them with two different methodologies.
To identify the factors associated with inter-hospital variability, as well as to detect problems of equity with respect to treatments, diagnostic tests, follow-up, or the existence of psychosocial help and their relationship with the results obtained at the 6th year.
To identify which factors are related to changes in quality of life from the 6th year after the index treatment compared to the patient’s state before any treatment and at two years. Create predictive rules based on changes in quality of life in these patients.
5.- To identify and prioritise research needs from the point of view of patients and professionals, not collected so far in previous studies, which will be incorporated into the information to be collected in the follow-up of these patients.

Study design: Prospective observational cohort study based on an already prospectively constituted cohort of breast cancer patients recruited in 6 hospitals in the Basque Country within the “CaMISS Breast Cancer Health Services Research” project. The total number of patients recruited in the CAMISS project in the Basque Country and to be followed in this project is 1176 women. The project involves the following hospitals: in Bizkaia, Hospital Galdakao-Usansolo, Hospital Universitario Cruces and Hospital Universitario Basurto; in Gipuzkoa, Hospital Universitario Donostia and Onkologikoa; and in Araba, Hospital Universitario Araba.

Results: The aim is to find out the health outcomes (mortality, recurrences, complications…), the results perceived by these patients, the unidentified needs and the use of health resources five years after the diagnosis of these patients. 

Roles: Kronikgune – Project Coordinator