Optimising the Assessment of Function and Pain in Shoulder Joint.

Call for tender for project: Grants for health research and development projects 2019: Promotion of health research

Record no.: 2019111019

PI: Antonio Escobar

Funding body: Department of Health, Basque Government

Description: The study is aimed at providing a weighted algorithm that is easy to implement, which improves the operation of the score of self-assessed questionnaire ASES-p. To this end, various weighted models for the items on the interest scales will be explored and compared, and the most suitable model will be proposed.


  • Provide weighted score that can be easily applied and that improves psychometric properties of ASES-p questionnaire.
  • Explore various weighted methods for the items of ASES-p using Rasch analysis, factor analysis and multiple correspondence analysis.
  • Check how each method works, compare the results of various models and suggest the weighted model that works best.

Study design: The data collected from a previous study will be used, on n=161 subjects with various shoulder pathologies and two additional administrations recently carried out on the same subjects, via phone interviews with the aim of studying the test-retest reliability of the scale (April-September 2016). Three types of weighted scores will be considered for the ASES-p self-assessed questionnaire, used on the shoulder pathology. Estimations will be compared and the most suitable score will be selected.

Roles: Kronikgune is a partner in the project