Basque Country, represented in the project by Osakidetza, Biocruces Bizkaia and Kronikgune, is one of the eight European pilot regions in which five use cases will be carried out.

The main objective of the European Gatekeeper project is to take advantage of the full potential of new technologies, such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, to improve healthcare services associated with the most common chronic diseases in Europe. The project coordinated at European level by Medtronic Ibérica has the participation of 46 organizations including hospitals, universities, technology centers, large companies, SMEs or healthcare service providers.

Kronikgune, with Osakidetza, is responsible for two use cases: the main objective of the first use case is to promote healthy lifestyles in people over 65 years old through a MAHA mobile application. For this intervention, a multichannel and community setting strategy has been designed all around the Basque Country that will have the participation of more than 25 organizations/entities from the Basque Health Ecosystem, which work out on active and healthy aging.

The second use case, coordinated also by Kronikgune, is aimed at the management of people with chronic diseases and polypharmacy. The effectiveness and experience of this intervention will be assessed by the use of a mobile application (My Treatment application of Osakidetza) to improve adherence, and with the use of a web platform (CheckTheMeds) to optimize the pharmacological prescription.

In this video developed by the Gatekeeper project, representatives of the Kronikgune Institute and the Biocruces Bizkaia Institute present the Basque Country pilot, its objectives, the technologies that will be used in the use cases they coordinate and the expected results.

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