Early detection of any sign of deterioration in the state of health can be crucial, especially in the case of patients with advanced chronic diseases. 

ADLIFE (“Integrated personalized care for patients with advanced chronic diseases to improve health and quality of life”) was born from the need to face healthcare challenges when trying to achieve a more independent life for patients with advanced chronic diseases, providing assistance to their caregivers, and creating sustainable social and healthcare systems. This European project seeks to improve the quality of life of patients with advances chronic illnesses, providing them with integrated, coordinated, anticipatory, and personalised care. ADLIFE focuses on people over 55 years of age suffering from chronic, acute diseases and a potential reduction of their life expectancy due to a drop in their functionality and capacities.

The project, which is coordinated at a European level by Kronikgune Institute for Health Services Research, shall develop an innovative solution that will enable the personalisation of care plans, improving the ability to provide adapted and early responses to the changing needs and preferences of patients. The clinical decision-making services implemented in this platform, in addition to suggesting treatments and actions for the care plan, shall also enable the identification with increased precision of the symptoms and changing needs of the patients, and generate alarms for healthcare professionals. ADLIFE strives to obtain greater participation from patients in their healthcare management at all times.

ADLIFE‘s innovative solution will include an early detection system of the patients’ health deterioration. The Early Warning System shall issue alerts, alarms, and notifications when it detects an imbalance or possible progression of the disease. Subsequently, the platform will suggest specific measures or dynamic and personalised care interventions that the caregiving team and the patient shall consider including in their care plan. Thus, ADLIFE shall allow for early action to address the evolution of the patient’s needs, based on predictive patterns.

The early detection implemented by ADLIFE, along with the recommendations of consolidated clinical guidelines for co-morbidities and risk stratification will make up the module behind the clinical decision-making. Clinical decision support systems are a differentiating element in the personalised care plans that may be created through the ADLIFE platform and that will adapt, at all times, to the patient’s needs.

For further information about this project, visit their official website: https://adlifeproject.com/